jSLP properties

Currently, jSLP supports the following properties:

Attribute Default Comment
net.slp.interfaces none Comma separated list of IP addresses of the interfaces on which jSLP should listen for SLP messages. Currently, jSLP only listens to the first address. You might have to set this property on multi-homed machines and on linux if your JVM thinks your machine's IP is
net.slp.port none number that denotes the (non-standard) port where jSLP is going to operate on. Note that this prevents interoperability with other SLP entities running on the standard port, if multicast convergence is used.
net.slp.useScopes default predefined scopes for the SA
net.slp.DAAddresses none predefined DA addresses
net.slp.noDADiscovery false perform no active or passive DA discovery. Only valid if net.slp.DAAddresses are defined.
net.slp.waitTime 1000 wait time for initial DA discovery etc.
net.slp.traceDATraffic false trace traffic to DA
net.slp.traceMsg false trace messages
net.slp.traceDrop false trace dropped messages
net.slp.traceReg false trace registrations / deregistrations
net.slp.multicastTTL 255 TTL for multicast messages. Note: decreasing this value will lead to localized query results and peers at different locations in the network might get different results
net.slp.multicastMaximumWait 15000 total timeout for multicast convergence in mSec.
net.slp.multicastTimeouts 500,750,1000,1500,2000,3000 timeouts for the rounds during multicast convergence. Note that the number of timeouts affects the maximum total number of rounds for multicast convergence.
net.slp.datagramMaximumWait 5000 Number of mSecs until jSLP stops waiting for a reply to a UDP request message and timeframe for retransmissions of failed UDP messages.
net.slp.datagramTimeouts 3000,3000,3000,3000,3000 timeouts for the retransmissions of failed UDP messages. Note that the number of timeouts does NOT affect the maximum number of retransmissions. This number is limited by net.slp.datagramMaximumWait .
net.slp.MTU 1400 maximum size of a UDP datagram in Bytes
net.slp.securityEnabled false enable security
net.slp.spi none a comma separated list of SPIs to use if security is enabled.
net.slp.privateKey.SPI none the location of the private key in DER format for SPI SPI
net.slp.publicKey.SPI none the location of the public key in DER format for SPI SPI

jSLP expects the properties to be either passed by system environment (that means as -Dproperty =value parameter for the VM) or in a file called jslp.properties. Please note that for tracing messages etc., you also have to configure your logger to output trace messages.