jSLP OSGi is designed to enable SLP service discovery on OSGi platforms. Bundles can get Locator and Advertiser instances to find other services in the Network. The OSGi version has a smaller footprint than the jSLP standalone version because it uses the framework Filter and instead of using commons-logging, it makes use of the OSGi org.osgi.service.log logger. The OSGi version of jSLP registers the ServiceLocationManager as a ServiceFactory for ch.ethz.iks.slp.Advertiser and ch.ethz.iks.slp.Locator services.
Since OSGi does not provide any general way to parametrize ServiceFactories, both Locator and Advertiser have an additional void setLocale(Locale locale) method to set the locale after having retrieved the service object.
For details, see the Getting Started .